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Lucky Star Brand A Class


1. Complete, well-balanced formula for nutrition requirement of wild birds, high quality ingredients with Vitamins, mineral, amino acid and U.G.F, improve the health vivacity of birds.
2. Highly color enhanced ability, bring the magnificient color feather of birds.
3. ANTISTRESS: Rich in special Vitamins can improve resistance to
environmental stress.
4. Meets the requirement of bird’s habitude, especially for the stage of feather
changing and baby bird.


Feeding Instructions

1. Feed free-choice and clean the feeder every 2-3 day to keep away from any contamination by bacteria or fungus, …… etc.
2. Supply enough fresh water and sun bath.
3. Keep fresh air is good for birds’ health.



1. Keep feed in dry, cool well-ventilated place.
2. After opening, please use it quick as the bird can consume.
  • Honey and eggs added
  • High Quality
  • Complete, well balanced formula
  • Highly colour enhanced ability


Cooked Corn, Cooked Soybean Meal, White Fish Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Brewer’s Yeast, Egg Powder, Fish Oil, Deworming Powder, Fine Oats, Honey, Vitamin, Protein.