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Pro Mill's Premium Milk Replacer + Colostrum for puppy

Specially formulated milk replacer for puppies, which is similar to their mothers' milk

Goat's Milk Powder

  • Easier to digest with less irritation than cow's milk
  • Higher percentage in calcium than cow's milk
  • Has better absorption for minerals such as iron, magnesium and phosphorous
  • Contains fewer allergens

Enriched with COLOSTRUM

  • High content of immunoglobulins, which function as antibodies to protect the young until they are old enough to be vaccinated.
  • Has higher concentration of proteins and fats than sugars
  • Ensures newborns have plenty of energy right from the start.
  • As a substitute for newborn as they only have a limited duration (12-16 hours after giving birth) to drink their mothers' colostrum.

Suitable For

  • For puppy (Newborn to 6 weeks of age)
  • Pregnant or Lactating Dogs
  • Adult Dogs with Special Nutrition Needs

Unique features

  • Mother's milk replacer for puppies
  • Food supplement for adult dogs
  • Easy to mix powder
  • Highly digestible advanced formula

Key Benefits

  • Support strong immune system
  • Support gut health & digestion
  • Resolve allergies & food sensitivities
  • Support oral health
  • Support healthy skin & coat
  • Ideals for adult dog to support anti-inflammatory and immune response