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Zosterops 灰腹绣眼鸟

Lucky Star Brand-bird Zosterops

  • Complete, well-balanced formula for nutrition requirement of wild birds.
  • Highly colour enhanced ability
  • Added honey
  • Quality natural product


1. Complete, well-balanced formula for nutrition requirement of wild birds, high quality ingredients with Vitamins, mineral, amino acid and U.G.F, improve the health vivacity of birds.
2. Highly color enhanced ability, bring the magnificient color feather of birds.
3. ANTISTRESS: Rich in special Vitamins can improve resistance to environmental stress.
4. Meets the requirement of bird’s habitude, especially for the stage of feather  changing and baby bird.

Feeding Instructions

1. Feed free-choice and clean the feeder every 2-3 day to keep away from any contamination by bacteria or fungus, …… etc.
2. Supply enough fresh water and sun bath.
3. Keep fresh air is good for birds’ health.


1. Keep feed in dry, cool well-ventilated place.
2. After opening, please use it quick as the bird can consume.




1. 精选上等原料,专为高级鸟类所精心设计,富含各种必需及微量元素,营养均衡,嗜口性佳,可促进鸟儿健康活泼。
2. 添加特殊的呈色成份及安定维生素,有助于鸟儿的羽毛亮丽及抵抗环境的紧迫因子。
3. 针对观鸟的生活习性,营养需求设计,特别是换羽期,雏鸟期不可或缺的饲料。



1. 本产品供鸟儿任食使用,每隔2-3 日清理饲槽一个
2. 请提供适当的日光浴场所及充分絜净的饮水。


1. 请自置于干燥通风处所,避免日光直接照射。
2. 开封后请速使用, 以免吸湿便质。


Green Grams Powder, Cooked Soybean Meal, Egg Powder, Oats Powder, Honey, Deworming Powder, Vitamin, Protein.

绿豆粉,熟黄豆粉,蛋粉,麦粉,蜜糖,去虫粉,维他命, 蛋白质